Our vision

In recognition of Maisie’s passion for politics and the epilepsy that so cruelly ended her life, The Maisie Tothill Foundation has two main aims:


1.To support charities and other organisations that provide financial, physical and emotional support for individuals and families living with or bereaved by epilepsy.  


2.To raise political awareness and social engagement, particularly amongst young people. 


We plan to do this through: 


Fundraising – since January 2019 we have raised in excess of £100,000 for SUDEP and Support Dogs. We have a programme of events in the pipeline that will continue to raise money for these and other relevant organisations.


Education – In the future, we plan to support organisations who work to increase political engagement particularly amongst disadvantaged young people. We want to raise awareness of educational opportunities such as visits to the House of Commons to watch Prime Minister’s Questions. And we want to promote the inclusion of critical thinking, awareness of current affairs and social engagement in the primary school curriculum.


Campaigning – alongside organisations such as SUDEP we will actively work to ensure that families affected by epilepsy receive more timely and helpful information about the condition. We will lobby MPs and speak out about our experiences as a family bereaved by epilepsy. We will actively support and encourage young people to register and use their vote.